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Volume 10          Number 2        February  2011


Ahmed Sabry Abou-Zaid

The Elasticity of Substitution in the U.S. Manufacturing Industry



Chun-Chih Chen

How do Real Exchange Rates Switch between Regimes? Evidence from Three Nonlinear Models



Nuno Crespo and Maria Paula Fontoura

What Determines the Export Performance? A Comparative Analysis at the World Level



Sungwon Cho

Estimating the Optimal Debt Ratio of the Public Sector



Fumitaka Furuoka and Qaiser Munir

Are GDP fluctuations are Transitory? New Evidence from ASEAN Countries



Sheng-Chieh Pan and Po-Chin Wu

Geographic Location, Urbanization and Health Care Demand: Evidence from Taiwanese Cities/Counties Panel Data



Sami Napari

University Major and the Gender Wage Gap



Angel Alañón-Pardo and Josep-Maria Arauzo-Carod

On the Geographical Scope of Location Decisions. Empirical Evidence from Spanish Municipalities



Chin-Wen Huang and Chun-Pin Hsu

Are They the Same? A Comparison of Narrative and VAR Monetary Shocks



Purna Chandra Padhan

Demand for Money in India: Empirical Evidence during Pre and Post Liberalization Period



Julide Yalcinkaya Koyuncu

Legal Structure, Business Regulation and Economic Growth: A Panel Study



Oguz Yildirim

Analysis of the Change in Higher Education Enrollment Numbers in the US (1994-2005)





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