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Volume 10          Number 12        December  2011



Lawrence B. Dacuycuy and Connie B. Dacuycuy

On Philippine Wage Structures: Assessing the Empirical Value of Nonparametric Wage Functions



Yi-Shuan Chen and Shin-Herng Michelle Chu

Does Information Content of Security Analysts’ Recommendations Differ by Recommendation Classification and Analyst Type in Taiwan?



Khalil Al-Hilu, Aktham Maghyereh and Basel Awartani

Bank Efficiency and Shareholders’Value in the GCC Stock Exchange Markets



Shamim Shakur

Reforming Global Food and Cotton Trade- This Time for Africa



Mahesh Pandit, Ashok Mishra and Krishna Paudel

Comparison between Parametric and Semiparametric Models of Farm Labor Allocation Decisions



Wo-Chiang Lee and Hui-Na Lin

Threshold Effects in the Relationship between Crude Oil and Gold Futures: Panel Smooth Transition Approach



Goher Fatima, Sadia Safdar, Azra Khan, Rabia Sagheer and Zeeshan Hanif

Impact of Exchange Rate Instability on Trade in Pakistan



Burcu Kiran

Effects of Economic Growth and Exchange Rate on Current Account Deficit in Turkey



Thirunaukarasu Subramaniam and Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah

Determinants of Unemployment in the Philippines



Chia-Hui Huang and Tony Chieh-Tse Hou

Outward FDI and Productivity: Panel Granger-causality Evidence for Taiwan Manufacturing Firms



Alberto López

Effect of Microaggregation on Regression Results: An Application to Spanish Innovation Data



Jen-Je Su

Testing for no Autocorrelation under Weak Assumptions





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