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Volume 10          Number 11        November  2011



K. Ben Nowman

US Financial Market Linkages: Continuous and Discrete Time Analysis



Filiz Özkan

A Comparative Study of Neural Network and ARIMA Model for Exchange Rate Forecasting



Tsai-Ling Liao, Wen-Chun Lin, Chih-Jen Huang and Cheng-You Yuan

The Agency Problem of Over-investment in Overvalued Firms



Rim Kaaniche Mestiri

Investigating Productivity and Technological Change in Tunisair Company



Vincent Fromentin

The Relationship between Immigration and Labour Market: The Cases of Germany, France and the United Kingdom



Chung-yi Chen and Woan-lih Liang

The Impact of Financial Constraints on Venture Capital and Non-Venture Capital Backed IPOs



D. L. Ortega, R. J. G. M. Florax, and B. A. Delbecq

Primary Determinants and the Spatial Distribution of Corruption



María Teresa Álvarez-Martínez and Clemente Polo

Policy Effects of Investment Policies in Spain during the Great Recession



Ying-Tang Huang, Jong-Rong Chen and Ying-Hui Chen

Digital Divide through Online Shopping Behavior: Evidence in Taiwan



Sami Ullah, Fauzia Maqsood and Tanveer Ahmed Naveed

Impact of Labor Force Participation on Human Development: A Gender Based Analysis



Yakaka B Maina, Andrew.C. Iheanacho and  Babagana Kyari

Analysis of Meat Demand in Maiduguri Metropolis, Borno State Nigeria



Shin-Jong Lin

Health Effects of Youth Unemployment in Taiwan





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