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Volume 10          Number 10        October  2011



Fassil Fanta

Dynamic Response and Speed of Adjustment of Stock Market and Economic Activity in USA



Zeus Salvador HernŠndez-Veleros

Global Inequality and Poverty during the Second Half of the Twenty Century



Chun-Teck Lye

Malaysian Sectoral Efficiency and Financial Crises: Empirical Evidence from Variance Ratio Tests



Athula Naranpanawa

Does Trade Openness Promote Carbon Emissions? Empirical Evidence from Sri Lanka



Feng Dai, Jianping Qi and Ling Liang

Environmental Pressure Index (EPI): An Indicator for Monitoring and Warning Economic Crisis



Mutiu Abimbola Oyinlola, Oluwatosin Adeniyi and Festus O. Egwaikhide

Purchasing Power Parity: Further Evidence from African Countries



Ya-Ling Huang, Yen-Hsien Lee and In-Fun Lee

Financial Criteria Approach to Evaluation of Casino Industry Performance



Kevin Greenidge, Lisa Drakes and Roland Craigwell

Causality between Debt and Sovereign Credit Ratings using Panel Tests



Fumitaka Furuoka and Qaiser Munir

Is Unemployment Rate Stationary in ASEAN? New Findings



Ming Guan ,Bingxue Han

Housing in the Ramsey Growth model



Ken Togo

Should PPP GDP per capita Data be Used with or without Reservation?



Mehmet GŁÁlŁ

Regional Income Convergence in Turkey: A Spatial Econometric Perspective




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