The Empirical Economics Letters

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Volume 10          Number 1        January  2011


Oscar Flores and Scott Fausti

The Unemployment-Vacancy Relationship in a Local Labor Market



Asier Minondo

Learning to Export with New Managers



Lee Chin and Muzafar Shah Habibullah

Intranational Purchasing Power Parity: Evidence for Malaysia



Augustin Kwasi Fosu

Democracy and Growth in Africa: Evidence on the Impact of Political and Civil Rights



Huseyin Kalyoncu and Muhittin Kaplan

Convergence of per capita GDP in Turkish Provinces



Shyh-Wei Chen and Chun-Wei Chen

Modeling the Decline in Australian Real Output Volatility with Markov Switching Heteroscedasticity Model



William R. Dipietro

Economic Output Instability and the Military Dispostion of the Government



Pelin Oge Guney and Erdinc Telatar

Bounds Testing Approach to Test the FTPL for Turkey and Mexico



Hsiang-Tai Lee and Peng Yang

A Multivariate Regime Switching Term Structure Model for Singapore Long and Short Rates



Mihai Mutascu and Anne-Marie Fleischer

Democracy, Political Regime Durability and Development: The Romania’s Case



Sayyed Mahdi Ziaei

Assess the Long Run Effects of Monetary Policy on Bank Lending, Foreign Asset and Liability in Selected MENA Countries



Chiu-Fen Kao, David Shyu and Ming-Chi Chen

Volatility Transmission between Exchange Rate and Interest Rate in the G7 Countries





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