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Volume 9          Number 7        July  2010



K. B. Nowman and T. W. Shaw

Continuous Time Short Rate Models: Evidence for the US



Jer-Shiou Chiou, Pei-Shan Wu, and Bor-Yi Huang

The Influence of Biotechnology R&D Expenditure on Stock Market Valuation



Nicholas Apergis

Ted Spreads and Monetary Policy: Has the Financial Crisis Signaled Significant Monetary Policy Changes?



Murat A. Mercan

Transitory Shocks and Intergenerational Income Elasticities



Tsui-Fang Lin and Jennjou Chen

Smoking and Labor Market Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan



Debojyoti Chakraborty  and Kaushik Bhattacharya

Creative Destruction and Cycles in the US Capital Market: Evidence from Fortune 500 Firms



Katarina Lukacsy

An Implication of Rational Inattention for the Asymmetric Price Adjustment “in the Small”: A Comment



Nicholas Rohde

Do U.S. Earnings Follow Benford’s Law?



Sheng-Chieh Pan, Che-Hui, Cheng and Po-Chin Wu

Market Incompleteness, Arbitrage and Nonlinear Ohlson Valuation Model



Ralf Fendel, Michael Frenkel and Jan-Christoph Rülke

Real-Time Data Does Not Make a Difference!- Evidence from the Expectation Forming Process



Purna Chandra Padhan

Day-of the-Week Effect of Inter-Bank Call Money Rate in India



Shyh-Wei Chen and Chun-Wei Chen

New Evidence on the Random Walk Hypothesis of the Pacific Basin Exchange Rates: A Revisit





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