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Volume 9          Number 5         May  2010



Jui-Chi Huang and Tantatape Brahmasrene

Linking Hedging to Foreign Exchange Volatility via A Study of the U.S. Export Panel Data



Mei-Chen Lin

Sentiment, Returns and Volatility in Five Pacific-Basin Emerging Markets



Hiroshi Gunji and Kazuki Miura

Did a Rational Bubble Exist in the Vietnam Stock Market?



Pandej Chintrakarn

Reassessing the Role of Distance on Cross-Border Equity Flows: Does Distance Still Matter?



Chen-Yin Kuo  and Keshin Tswei

Validity of the Intertemporal Current Account Model with Stochastic Interest Rates: Evidence from Taiwan



Kris Iyer

Firm-Level Determinants of Energy Intensity in New Zealand Manufacturing



Guan Ming

Skill Decision of Rural-urban Migration



Purna Chandra Padhan

Modeling Intra-day Volatility:  Evidence from Indian Stock Market



Su-Lien Lu

Comparing and Analyzing Performance of a Structural-Form Model and a Reduced-Form Model to Estimate Credit Risk



Ricardo M. Sousa

How do Consumption and Asset Returns React to Wealth Shocks? Evidence from the U.S. and the U.K.



Sarinda Taengnoi and Nancy J. Burnett

Explaining the Success of Women in Undergraduate Economics Programs



Yu-Cheng Lai

The Effect of Female Protections on Turnover in Taiwan





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