The Empirical Economics Letters


ISSN 1681- 8997


Volume 7   Number 10             October 2008




Yu Hsing

Test of the Response of the Trade Balance to Real Depreciation for Eight Selected Asian Countries



Tsangyao Chang, Wen-Chi Liu and Chia-Hao Lee

Rational Bubbles in the G-7 Stock Market? Further Evidence Based on Panel Cointegration Tests



Akihiro Nakamura and Toshiya Jitsuzumi

An Analysis of the Telecommunications Services Demand in Japan Using the Almost Ideal Demand System



Ibrahim Bakirtas and Huseyin Onder

Impact of Public Administration Capability on Corruption: A Cross-Country Analysis



Hsiao-Ping Chu, Tsangyao Chang, Hsu-Ling Chang and Chi-Wei Su

Are Visitor Arrivals to Taiwan Stationary? An Empirical Study based on Panel SURADF Tests



Fernando Zanella

ISO 9000 Certification and Financial Performance in the UAE



Ching-Chun Wei and Chi-Wei Su

Analysis of Unexpected Exchange Rate Volatility and Spillover to China Stock Markets by VARMA-GARCH-M Model



Lau Chi-Keung

Forecasting Monthly Prices and Quantities: A Study of Apparel Cottons Export



Yung-Shi Liau and Jack J. W. Yang, Chien-Cheng Wang

The Volume-Return Volatility Components Relationship in the Taiwan Stock Market



Nilgun Cil Yavuz, Burak Guris and Burcu Kiran

Relationship between Electricity Consumption and GDP in Some EU Countries



Eurilton Araújo and  Tatiana Pinheiro

Policy Preferences for Output Stability before and after Inflation Targeting



Chien-Liang Chiu and Jui-Cheng Hung

Maturity Effect under High and Low Volatility Regimes in Taiwan Stock Index Futures