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Volume 9          Number 4         April  2010


Don J. Webber and Paul White

Productivity and Proximity



Chin Wen Cheong, Zaidi Isa and Abu Hassan Shaari Mohd Nor

One- and Two-Component Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (ARCH) Modeling in Financial Stock Market Volatility



Sergio De Nardis and Marco Ventura

Effects of Product Dropping on Firm’s Productivity and Employment Composition



Feng Zheng And Ling-Yun He

Is China Financial Index Series Multifractal? Empirical Evidence from a Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis



Abhay Kumar Jha

Profitability and Liquidity Stress in Indian Commercial Banks: 1979–2008



Farhad.Sanjari and  Mohammad.Hosseian Karim

Cointegration, Causality and Wagner's Law: The Iranian Experience



Tey Sheik Kyin, Lee Chin and Muzafar Shah Habibullah

RM/USD Exchange Market Pressure and Monetary Policy in Malaysia



Hedi Ben Haddad

Assessing the Export-Led Growth Hypothesis: A Panel Threshold Autoregressive Approach



Gagari Chakrabarti

Propagator of Global Stock Market Volatility in recent Years: Asian versus Non-Asian markets



Ihtsham Ul Haq Padda and Naeem Akram

Fiscal Policy and Growth Nexus: Scenario of Developing Economies



Mona Kamal

Empirical Investigation of Fiscal Policy Shocks in the UK



Yen-Ju Lin, Chin-Shyan Chen and Tsai-Ching Liu

Urban Variations in the Utilization of Pap-smear and Breast-cancer Screening under the National Health Insurance System in Taiwan




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