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Volume 9          Number 2         February  2010


Abdulnasser Hatemi-J

Aggregate Swedish Import Demand Function: Evidence from Tests for Cointegration with Multiple Unknown Breaks



Shyh-Wei Chen and Chun-Wei Chen

Are Current Account Deficits Sustainable? Evidence from the Mediterranean Countries



Fumitaka Furuoka, Iwao Kato Chong Mun Ho and Qaiser Munir

What are the Determinants of Total Fertility Rates? A Threshold Regression Approach



M. Ege Yazgan and  Hakan Yilmazkuday

The IS Puzzle and Relative Risk Aversion in Turkey



Hsin-Yi Lin

A Revisit of the Relation between Central Bank Independence and Inflation



Wing Lon Ng and Mark Trede

High-frequency Index Returns: The Stylized Facts Revised



Chun-Teck Lye and Lik-Neo Ng

Performance of Shariah-Compliant Equities Investment in Southeast Asia: An Optimization Approach



Yu-Cheng Lai

A Comparison of Effects of Overtime Restrictions in Taiwan on Employment Opportunities for Full-time and Part-time Labor



Girijasankar Mallik

Inflation, Inflation Uncertainty and Oil Price in Australia



Constantinos Alexiou

A Note on Ricardian Fiscal Regimes: Empirical Evidence from Greece



Juan Carlos Cuestas and Paulo José Regis

Nonlinearities and the Order of Integration of Oil Prices




Manhwa Wu

On Money Uncertainty and Inflation for U.S. with Robustness Concerns




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