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Volume 8          Number 5         May  2009



Timothy O. Bisping and Hilde Patron

A Labor Queue Analysis of Worker Age, Gender and Labor Force Status



Tsangyao Chang, D. P. Tang, Chi-Ta Hsu and Wen-Chi Liu

Are African Real Exchange Rates Stationary? An Empirical Study



İsmail Şentürk

Willingness to Pay for Genetically Modified Foods in Turkey: An Ordered Probit Analysis



A.H. Baharom, Muzafar Shah Habibullah and R.C. Royfaizal

Time Series Test of Nonlinear Convergence of Violent Crime in the United States



Samih Antoine Azar

Excess sensitivity of consumption to the stock market



Ting-Kun Liu and Jong-Rong Chen

E-commerce, Externalities and Productivity



P K Mishra,  K B Das and B B Pradhan

Capital Market Volatility In India – An Econometric Analysis



Turan Subasat and Adnan Kasman

Exports and Growth: A Panel Data Perspective



Mei-Yin Lin and Jue-Shyan Wang

Foreign Exchange Reserves and Inflation: An Empirical Study of Five East Asian Economies



Alovsat Muslumov, Asli  Yuksel and Aydin  Yuksel

The Profitability of Pairs Trading in an Emerging Market Setting: Evidence from the Istanbul Stock Exchange



Surachai Chancharat, Amin Reza  Kamalian and Abbas Valadkhani

Random Walk and Multiple Structural Breaks in Thai Stock Market



Yi-Hsien Wang,    Chin-Tsai Lin adn   Jung-Dan Lin

The Influence of DRs Issuance on the Prices and Volumes: Empirical Evidence on Taiwanese Listed Firms




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