The Empirical Economics Letters


A Monthly International Journal of Economics


ISSN 1681 8997


Indexed in EconLit and included in Cabell’s Directory



Volume 8, Number 1, January 2009



Scott Fargher, Thomas Lange and Gail Pacheco


The Economic Psychology of Subjective Well-Being: Latent Variable Modelling with Hedonic and Eudaimonic Moderators



Mahmut Zortuk


Defence Expenditure and GDP: A Closer Look at Panels



Kuan-Min Wang


Does Volatility Asymmetry in the Taiwanese Housing Market Reduce the Effect of Inflation Hedging?



Heri Kuswanto


Changing Persistence of Indonesia's Real Exchange Rates: Evidence from Pre and Post-Crisis



Stavros Rodokanakis


Investigating the Unemployment Risk of Central Macedonia in Greece from the LFS Individual Anonymised Records



Kunihiro Hanabusa


The Zero Interest Rate Policy: A Re-examination Using EGARCH - M Model



Tsangyao Chang and Gengnan Chiang


The Behavior of OECD Public Debt: A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach



Necati Aydin and David Machperson

Transforming Economy by Transportation Infrastructure Investment



Bin Dong and Benno Torgler

Corruption, Social Norms, and Political Interest



Wen-Shai Hung and Shu-Hsi Ho

Duration Analysis of Marriage among the Middle Aged and Elderly in Taiwan



Ismail Aktar and Latif Ozturk


Is the Distribution of Government Investment in Agriculture across the Regions Equal?



Huimin Chung, Chin-Sheng Huang and Tseng-Chan Tseng


The Dynamic Relationship between A and B Shares in the pre-and Post-Deregulation Periods of an Investment Restriction





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