The Empirical Economics Letters

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ISSN 1681- 8997 

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Volume 8          Number 9         September  2009


Sergio Contreras, Wm. Doyle Smith, Timothy P. Roth and Thomas M. Fullerton, Jr

Regional Evidence regarding U.S. Residential Electricity Consumption



Syurkani Ishak-Kasim and Abdullahi D. Ahmed

Inflation Expectations Formation and Financial Stability in  Indonesia



Kuang-Liang Chang

Does the Risk-Return Relationship Depend on Risk Proxy and Distribution Specification? Evidence from US Stock and REIT Markets



Mosayeb Pahlavani and Charles Harvie

Effects of the Asian Financial Crisis on the Korean Economy: Some Further Empirical Evidence



Chew Ging Lee

Foreign Direct Investment, Urbanization and Urban-Rural Income Inequality in China



Alex YiHou Huang, Nan Li, Wen-Cheng Hu and Chih-Chun Chen

Is There Arbitrage-free Equilibrium between Sovereign Credit Default Swaps and Bonds?



Akihiro Otsuka

Industrial Agglomeration Effects on Economic Convergence



Justin Zhu

Forecasting Australian Fertility Rate



Fassil Fanta and Selin Ece Guner

Democratization and Poverty Reduction in Africa



Tahir Mukhtar and Muhammad Zakaria

Testing Market Integration in Regional Wheat Markets of Pakistan: An Application of Error Correction Model



Surya Prakasa Rao Gedela

Determinants of Agrarian Distress: An Empirical Analysis



Ling-Yun He

Are China’s Agricultural Commodity Markets Chaotic? Empirical Evidence from DCE Soybean Futures Market



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