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Volume 8          Number 8         August  2009


David D. Cho

Semi-parametric Kurtosis of a GARCH Process



Marcos Álvarez-Díaz, Gonzalo Caballero  Miguez and Mario Soliño

Do the Determinants of Institutional Quality Explain Generalized Trust Across Countries? An Empirical Study using A Genetic Programming Approach



Wong Hock Tsen

Terms-of-Trade and Trade Balance



Elif Kardeşler  and  I. Hakan Yetkiner

Impact of Corruption on FDI: An Application of Efficient Grease Hypothesis to EU Countries



Mon-Li Lin, Tze-Wei Fu and Ya-Jia Ding

Cointegration Analysis of Exchange Rate and Macroeconomic Variables: Evidences from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan



Hon-Chung Hui

Housing Prices and Economic Fundamentals: The Case of Malaysia



Khaled Mejdi and  Jamel Trabelsi

Levels of Education and Economic growth: A Nonstationary Panel Data Analysis



Loesse J. Esso

Is Growth In Cote D’ivoire Pro-Poor? Evidence From Lsms Data



Jane-Sue Wang

Can Liquidity be a Risk Factor that Predicts Economic Growth? Evidence from Taiwan



Fazlul Miah

Rationality of Exchange Rate Expectations in Dollar/Euro Exchange Market



Takehiro Usui

Panel Data Analysis of Incineration and Landfill Cost



Chih-Ching Yang and Yi-Hsing Lin

Operating Inefficiency and Risk Management Inefficiency in Taiwan’s Banking Industry





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