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Volume 8††††††††† Number 7†††††††† July  2009



Karin Tochkov and Kiril Tochkov

Is Higher Volatility Associated with Lower Growth? Intranational Evidence from South Korea


Ugur Soytas and  Erk Hacihasanoglu

Can Macroeconomic and Financial Variables Improve the Forecasts of Foreign Reserve Levels in Turkey?



Hsiang-Tai Lee and  Liu, Chia-Cheng

Hedging Effectiveness of Commodity Portfolios: Evidence from the London Metal Exchange



Yoshihiko Tsukuda, Tatsuyoshi Miyakoshi and Makoto Koyanagi

Econometric Analysis on  Public Expenditure Composition and Economic Growth: Application of Ridge Regression



M. Mesut Kayali  and Sibel «elik

Impact of International Cross Listings on Risk and Return: Evidence from Turkey



Teng-Yuan Cheng, Hsinan Hsu  and Shuang-Shii Chuang

Impact of Trading Activities on Futures Volatility



Lucas Pedace and Eleni Skaliotis

Measuring the Capability of Physical Well-Being for British Children



Yasuo Nakanishi

The Optimality of R&D and Competition: Industry Evidence from Japan



Aitor Ciarreta, Jon Otaduy, and Ainhoa Zarraga

Causal relationship between electricity consumption and GDP in Portugal: A multivariate approach



Kuang-Hsien Wang and Wen-Cheng Lu

Effects of Public R&D Subsidies on Patents: An Empirical Study of Taiwan Science Park



Kahraman Kalyoncu

Causality Test between Investment in Physical and Human Capital Ratio and Economic Growth



Syou-Ching Lai,  Hung-Chih Li,    Feng-Chen Lin  and Subhash C. Sharma

Predictive Power for the S&P500 Index and Index Futures Market Based On EC-EGARCH and Hybrid Model




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