The Empirical Economics Letters

A Monthly International Journal of Economics

ISSN 1681- 8997 

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Volume 8          Number 6         June  2009



Jason T. Dreyer, Nicholas P. Mastricola and Sudhakar M. Pandit

Accurately Predicting Yearly Stock Performance using its Return Dynamic Mean Response Estimated from Simple Autoregressive Models



Saadet Kasman                 

Banking Concentration and Economic Growth: Evidence from New Members and Candidate Countries of the EU



Hsiao-Ping Chu, Ming-Liang Yeh,  Peter J. Sher and Chia-Pin Chen        

Profit Persistence in Taiwan’s Financial Industry



Ralf Fendel,  Eliza Lis and Jan-Christoph Rülke    

Expectations on the NAIRU - Evidence from the G7 countries



Sacit Hadi Akdede

Effects of Free Passes and Economic Crises on Attendance in Turkish Public Theater: A Panel Estimation



Chin-Chia Liang and Alan T. Wang

Nonlinear Adjustments of ADR Mispricing with Transaction Costs



Camillo Lento                        

Momentum Trading Strategies in European Equity Markets



Xosé A. Rodríguez, Fidel Martínez and Pilar Murias

Institutional Support and Productivity: The Case of Rural Tourism Establishments in Galicia, N. W. Spain



Chia-Pin Chen, Ying-Sing Liu and Chih-Wen Hsu  

An Analysis of the Trading Volume’s Seasonal and Time Trend Effects on the Volatility-Volume Relationship



Yaya Keho                             

Long and Short-run Effects of Inflation on Domestic Savings: Empirical Evidence from Eight African Countries using the Bounds Test for Cointegration



Feride Öztürk Subaşı            

Effect of Index Futures Trading on Volatility and Trading Volume: Evidence from the Turkish Derivatives Exchange



Hsuan-Chu Lin and Shu-Ling Hsu

A Study on Privatization of State-Owned Banks in Taiwan




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