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Volume 8          Number 4         April  2009



William E. Shambora and Chulho Jung

Growth, Inflation, Interest Rates and Real Stock Returns in the U.S. and Canada



Tsangyao Chang and Gengnan Chiang

The Behavior of OECD Public Debt: A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach



Damette Olivier and Philippe Delacote

Are Forest a Resource Curse? An Empirical Study



Naiwei Chen and Yakuang Liu

Predicting Corporate Liquidity: An Artificial Neural Network Approach



Tao Zhang

Interpreting Allocative Efficiency Bias in DEA Caused by Inter-Output Aggregation



Burak Güriş, Nilgün Çil Yavuz and Burcu Kıran

Is Turkey’s Current Account Sustainable?



Lih-Feng Lin,  Chau-Jung Kuo and Liang-Ann Dai

Impact of Temporal Aggregation on the Estimates of DCC Models using Taiwan Stock Indices



Ann L. Owen and Yejun Qian

Determinants of Socially Responsible Investment



Yongchern Su, Fuyin Lee and Peiwen Chen

Intraday Return- Order Imbalance Relation in NASDAQ Speculative New Lows



Meltem Sengun Ucal and Julius Mungo

A Nonparametric Regression Estimation of the GDP Growth and Inflation Rate Relationship in Some Selected European Countries



Yu Hsing

An Empirical Study of the J-Curve for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and Policy Implications



Ahmet Ağca and  Şerife Önder

A Study on Fınancıal Characterıstıcs of the Companıes in Istanbul Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Index (ISE-CGI)




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