The Empirical Economics Letters


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ISSN 1681- 8997


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Volume 8          Number 2         February 2009


Tin-Chun Lin

The Optimal Weighting Algorithm of Education Index in an Empirical Economic Growth Model



Kahraman Kalyoncu and Huseyin Kalyoncu

The Empirics of the Imbalance Effect: Per-capita Income and Human to Physical Capital Ratio



Shyh-Wei Chen

Relationship between Real Exchange Rate and Trade Ratio Revisited: Evidence for the Four Little Dragons



Akihiro Nakamura

The Stated Preference Analysis of Transport Mode Choices Considering Illegal On-Street Parking



Turan Subasat and Sacit Hadi Akdede

Impact of Good Governance and Economic Freedom on Religiosity



Feng-Li Lin

Does Auditor’s Report Predict Financial Distress in Taiwan?



Loesse J. Esso

Testing Causality between Financial Development and Growth in Cote d’Ivoire



Ranasinghe . P. K. C. Malmini

Asymptotic Behavior of Volatility of Price Fluctuations



Wo-Chiang Lee

Risk Management of Automobile Insurance Market in Taiwan



Agha Iqbal Ali and Yao Chen

Extending Data Envelopment Analysis to Comparative Performance Assessment



Abdullah Yalama and Guven Sevil

Volatility-Expected Return and Leverage Effect in World Stock Exchange Markets



Yong-chern Su,  Han-ching Huang and Ju-ching Lin

Price-Volume Relation in a Time Varying Model with Censored and Camouflage Effects




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