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Volume 8          Number 11         November  2009


Luca Agnello and Giorgio Fazio

Expectations and Term Premium as Time Varying Leading Indicators of US Economic Activity



Wen-Bin Chuang

Overseas and Domestic R&D Activities  - A Simultaneous Two-Hurdle Tobit Model



Ali Souri and  Ezatollah Abbasian  

The Residual Growth: Human Capital or Social Capital? The Case of Iran



Komain Jiranyakul

Relationship among Money, Prices and Aggregate Output in Thailand



Yu-Shu Cheng  and  Yi-Pei Liu

Threshold Relationships among Earnings Management, Business Default Risk and Stock Pledge Ratio of Directors



Viera Chmelarova and Hiranya K Nath

Do Regions Matter for the Behavior of City Relative Prices in the U. S. ?



Stephen M. Kosovich

Effect of Job Loss on Wealth Accumulation of Younger Workers



Hsinan Hsu, Shih Hsuan Kao, Wen-Fang Haung and Janchung Wang  

Heterogeneous Information View of the Price-Volume Relationship: Evidence from Stock Price Reversals



Joseph Macri

Does Black’s Output Variability Hypothesis Hold for Mexico?



Luis A. Gil-Alana                               

US Inflation: Fractional Integration at Multiple Frequencies



Shu-Hsi Ho and Wen-Shai Hung

Functional Ability, Lifestyle and Self-rated Health: A Panel Study for the Elderly in Taiwan



Sarbapriya Ray and Mihir Kumar Pal

Trend in Economic Capacity Utilization under Liberalized Trade Scenario in Indian Aluminium Industry




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