The Empirical Economics Letters


ISSN 1681- 8997


Volume 7   Number 11     November 2008         




Gary L. Shelley and Frederick H. Wallace

International Co-Movement of Dollar Inflation Rates



Ai-Chi Hsu and Shu-Chin Liu

Momentum and Mean-reversion of Industrial Stock Returns in Taiwan



Tiago Neves Sequeira and Márcia Marques

Which Political Risks Mostly Hurt International Tourism?



Enrique López-Bazo, Francisco Requena, and Guadalupe Serrano

Human capital threshold effects in the internationalisation-productivity growth relationship – evidence from Spanish regions



Sichong Chen, Cheng Liu and Hong Tu

Volatility Spillover between Chinese and Major International Stock Markets: A Causality-in-variance Approach



Veli Yilanci

Testing PPP for Turkey in the Nonlinear STAR Framework



Argyrios D. Kolokontes and Fotios Chatzitheodoridis

Unemployment and Development Priorities and Prospects of Western Macedonia Region Greece: A Sectoral Approach



Tuan-Yuen Kong and Wen-Jhan Jane

Salary Disparities and Organizational Performance: A Different Viewpoint from Inter-Organization



Johan Lundberg and Sofia Lundberg

Join the Club?  On the Attractiveness of Golf Club Membership



Chin Wen Cheong and Zaidi Isa

Value-at-Risk with Extreme Returns for Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange



Ruoran Zhu, Guifu Chen and Shigeyuki Hamori

Marginal Abatement Cost of Carbon Dioxide with Environmental Accounting Data in Japan



Shyh-Wei Chen

Testing Regime Non-stationarity of the G7 Stock Prices: Evidence from the Markov Switching Unit Root Test